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Goals Progress - Week 47 - this page intentionally left blank

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101 Goals
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December 30th, 2008

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03:09 pm - Goals Progress - Week 47
12. Buy a current-generation game console - Okay I know this was done but WII!
14. Buy half a page of the Amazon Wishlist - Well, we got the Wii, and I got a couple of books I'd been after... so how about this is currently sitting at (4/12).
19. Reduce clutter and make cash by selling my extra junk - eBay auctions round 2 wrapped up.
22. Go on a 'date' with Kassi at least once a month - We went out for a nice shopping/movie/dessert excursion, while my parents watched Anya : )
32. See 24 movies in the theater - Saw Seven Pounds. Will Smith kicked some ass. (4/24)
50. Print some photographs and give to family and friends (as creative gifts, albums, etc.) - This is complete! Handed out the prints and coffee mugs to everyone - they seemed to like the pictures. Success!
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - Indeed still married
94. Be a good father - Yeah, still a father
95. Become more honest - yes sir
96. Focus more time on self-awareness and introspection - yep
101. Live to be 27 - Happy new year...!

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