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Goals Progress - Week 41 - this page intentionally left blank

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November 18th, 2008

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12:34 pm - Goals Progress - Week 41
12. Buy a current-generation game console - This is complete! I bought Kassi her Nintendo DS for birthday / Christmas. We're hip to the times again.
17. Become debt-free - Bills in the mail.
19. Reduce clutter and make cash by selling extra stuff - eBay stuff all sold and we made some money!
22. Go on a 'date' with Kassi at least once a month - Went out to see Twilight
32. See 24 movies in the theater - Watched Twilight - the score was good but it's not really my kind of movie. (3/24)
33. Watch 50 new movies at home - We watched The Station Agent. It was SO BAD. (34/50)
49. Take at least 200 photos each year - More Anya shots for the Christmas gifts.
50. Print some photographs and give to family and friends - I ordered the gifts. Just waiting for Christmas to give them out and cross this one off!
57. Baby-proof the house - I put hooks on the cabinet doors. Finally, a place where things can be kept safe from Anya.
69. Host 10 'strategy game nights' - Planning another, Dec. 10th.
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - Still married and happy
94. Be a good father - I think so : )
95. Become more honest - as always
101. Live to be 27 - living

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