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Goals Progress - Week 38 (and 1 day) - this page intentionally left blank

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October 29th, 2008

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07:48 pm - Goals Progress - Week 38 (and 1 day)
I crossed off a goal, finally.

5. Bike to work - Well I WAS doing pretty good with this until it got cold. I'm a wuss.
8. Get flu shots yearly - Yes! I got mine last Thursday.
33. Watch 50 new movies at home - We watched The Pianist. It was pretty good! (32/50)
44. Complete 6 electronics projects - I have a new one in the works - fix that big-screen TV.
46. Write and sell a game for the Atari 2600 - Damn HSC eats up all my 2600 time...
50. Print some photographs and give to family and friends - We need a couple more shots that maybe we could get done this weekend, and then gifts for everybody!
51. Build a better CO2 system for the planted aquarium - I have plans, I need $35.
52. Restock and redecorate both aquariums with new plants, new fish, and new objects - Working on a big list of changes I'd like to do. Lots of DIY stuff to keep costs down.
57. Baby-proof the house - Hoping to put some more cabinet hooks around this weekend.
67. Produce a (non-VGM) remix CD and offer it for free download - Giving UbuntuStudio a try.
72. Give away at least three items on Freecycle - I gave away some computer towers and a printer! (2/3)
75. Vote in the 2008 election - This is complete! I cast my ballot last Friday (Early voting).
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - Marriage rocks!
94. Be a good father - So does parenthood!
95. Become more honest - Yes, I am
101. Live to be 27 - I'll be 25 this Sunday!

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[User Picture]
Date:October 31st, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday on Sunday!
[User Picture]
Date:November 1st, 2008 08:17 am (UTC)
Hey thanks!

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