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Goals Progress - Week 21 (and 2 days) - this page intentionally left blank

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July 3rd, 2008

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10:06 am - Goals Progress - Week 21 (and 2 days)
Screw it, I'm crossing off the soda.

1. Take a multivitamin daily for at least a month - I am over halfway done with the bottle.
4. Give up soda (and find replacement beverages) - This is complete! Well, assuming I still don't drink it. But 5 months is a long enough trial period, I think.
6. Bench-press my own weight - Next week I plan to start a weight-lifting plan 3 times a week, including the 100 Push Ups plan.
19. Reduce clutter and make cash by selling my junk - Sold a couple more things on eBay. Our garage is the biggest collection of clutter now.
22. Go on a 'date' with Kassi at least once a month - We're going to see The Happening sometime, hopefully next week.
34. Read every book on my 'to read' bookshelf - A little more progress on The Penultimate Truth (Philip K. Dick)
57. Baby-proof the house - I moved a few more things off bottom shelves to other areas she can't get to. But now that she is pulling herself up on things, she can reach more. ARGH.
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - Yes, still married
94. Be a good father - I am! But I wish Anya would go to sleep at a reasonable time.
95. Become more honest - Yes, this is actually pretty easy, you know?
101. Live to be 27 - alive

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Date:July 3rd, 2008 06:12 pm (UTC)
Five months would be enough for heroin, much less soda.
[User Picture]
Date:July 3rd, 2008 06:59 pm (UTC)
A little soda every once in a while isn't going to kill you. I can't give it up for 5 minutes, never mind 5 months. Don't beat yourself up over this one.
[User Picture]
Date:July 3rd, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC)
wow that's awesome that you've given it up for so long! I don't drink soft drink or 'soda' myself but ya know what's a great substitute? Cordial with carbonated water. Or maybe that's just the same thing X-D. Cordials are healthier though, at least the ones with not too much sugar -- Ribenna!

Thanks for commenting on my site btw ;-D
[User Picture]
Date:July 4th, 2008 10:56 pm (UTC)
I don't drink quite as much soda as I used to, but lately I've been drinking a lot more sweet tea, Kool-Aid and lemonade/limeade. And I'm not sure how much better some of those are.

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