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Atari 8-Bit Software - this page intentionally left blank

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May 13th, 2008

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09:43 am - Atari 8-Bit Software
I finally finished backing up my Atari 8-Bit software and now I'm sharing it online. There are two ZIP files here. One contains software written by my dad, Pat L. Kennedy, and the other is collected games and software from other people. These were retrieved by sector-copying from a 1050 using SIO2PC, and some disks had bad sectors, so some of the software here is not working.

http://kennedy.greg.googlepages.com/atari_8bit.zip - Here's a collection of software taken from a stack of disks. Much of it is either pirated (some cracked) or it came from Analog Magazine in the 1982-1985ish years. The directory structure may be a little confusing, so here's an explanation.
  • basic/ - contains Basic programs. paranoia.ATR is actually a Basic program with some supporting .obj files.

  • demos/ - some demo-type programs. graphics_demo_disk.atr I don't know much about, and it is in German (?) Run it from Basic with a LOAD "MENUE.BAS

  • games/ - contains machine-language games. These worked OK on first test, but may actually have some problems I'm not aware of.
    • notworking/ - These games didn't work for some reason or another. Maybe the remaining data in the files would be useful to check or repair other damaged copies, though.
      • messedup/ - These games ran, but had some glitches, so I suspect they are damaged as well.

  • bellcom_side?.atr - As described here, this is the Bellcom Public Domain catalog on disk.

  • KOALA.OBJ - a nonworking version of Koala Paint...

  • RAM - a ramdisk for 800+

  • machdos_3.7a, MyDOS_v4.53.ATR - historical DOSes.

The next ZIP file (at http://kennedy.greg.googlepages.com/pat_kennedy.zip ) is pretty nostalgic for me, as it's all software written by my dad, Pat L. Kennedy. (His brother [my uncle] is Nick Kennedy, inventor of the SIO2PC, and they both had Atari computers back in the day.) Much of this is educational software he wrote for me when I was very young, and the TANK game I spent a lot of time playing with. I hope that by posting this on the Internet some others will get the chance to play with the software he wrote.
  • farkle/ - This is a dice game written in BASIC, which plays like the Wikipedia entry describes, with the Threshold variation. There are two versions here: FARKLE.SAM is an older version that uses the Atari S.A.M. to speak. FARKTALK.BAS is a later, more advanced version that will speak player's names and be more verbal. However, it relies on the Cheep Talk (Atari + speech chip, described in ANALOG issue 29) and will get stuck in an endless loop when played on an emulator without Cheep Talk support.

  • spelling/ - A game my dad wrote for me to help me learn to spell. This one also requires Cheep Talk. Spell the word to play an animation.

  • spkcmp/ - This is a utility that makes Cheep Talk easier, by converting allophones to data statements and then playing them back so you can edit quickly. Source is included, and MANSCPT.WRT describes the usage (in AtariWriter format, I believe) - I think this was originally intended for submission to ANALOG.

  • tank/ - A tank game for Atari, latest version written in 1987. Many people have played this as it's included on the ATARI.ATR sample ATR image from Nick Kennedy's SIO2PC page. This was also intended for submission to ANALOG, but it was apparently rejected because "they already had too many tank games" : ) There are two versions here: TANK is the most recent, with some new mazes. TNK510 was older - this is the version on ATARI.ATR, and it has different mazes. TANK.DOC is the unpublished article. Source included.

  • MATH.BAS - a little program to teach addition / subtraction / multiplication.

  • PUZZ.BAS - evidently a little tool to help solving cryptograms. Type the puzzle, and then you can make letter substitutions.

  • greg_abc.ATR - This is an ABC program, with pictures for every letter of the alphabet. Boot with S.A.M. first and it talks to you! Quite a lot of work went into this. It was pretty emotional to boot this up and hear the computer talking to me like it did twenty years ago, and seeing the images my parents drew. I hope you enjoy it too.

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