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Goals Progress - Week 12 (and 2 days) - this page intentionally left blank

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May 1st, 2008

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11:54 am - Goals Progress - Week 12 (and 2 days)
Crossed off another one.

4. Give up soda - still none
18. Sign up for a retirement plan - This is complete! My 401k is taking a 6% contribution from me (3% matched by my employer), starting on May 15th.
22. Go on a 'date' with Kassi at least once a month - Next week (May 6th) we're going out for dinner and a movie. McDonalds... : )
29. Crochet the world's ugliest blanket - Have added more rows to this.
33. Watch 50 new movies at home - Just one, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". This is a great movie! (23/50)
34. Read every book on my 'to read' bookshelf - On a reading streak lately. I finished Seductive Poison and In the Beginning... was the Command Line. Currently reading a collection of Asimov short stories. (5/20)
37. Review 100 products on amazon.com - Up to 21 posted now.
41. Back up all my Atari 8-bit computer software to PC and share with the rest of the Internet - Everything is copied, now to audit the disks and post the software.
79. Give Geocaching a shot - I'm about ready to try this one. I watched a couple instructional videos on YouTube. Looks pretty straightforward.
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - we're still together!
94. Be a good father - I'm a happy dad
95. Become more honest - The new challenge in this one is making fewer assumptions and answering questions as directly as possible.
96. Focus more time on self-awareness and introspection - Something that I have been doing lately is trying to connect something that bothers me with a personal feeling I can understand. It's interesting to see how the problems other people face remind me of my own personal challenges and that often bothers me.
97. Develop and apply some new principles and virtues - Well, I don't know if I'm developing any new principles, but I am still looking at things as they apply to my personal moral code.
101. Live to be 27 - I wouldn't be posting this if I wasn't succeeding in this goal : )

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