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Goals Progress - Week 8 (and 1 day) - this page intentionally left blank

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April 2nd, 2008

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08:53 pm - Goals Progress - Week 8 (and 1 day)

3. Eat a fruit every day for a month - This is complete! I don't see it sticking as a habit, though, except as drinking fruit juice because I've given up soda. It would take more a complete menu overhaul to make this one happen.
4. Give up soda (and find replacement beverages) - No soda continues, despite a surplus because of our party.
5. Bike to work, weather and health permitting, as often as possible during Daylight Saving Time - I am so bad about this one so far. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up on time.
23. Invite new people to get-togethers, parties, and game nights - This is complete! I met two new people at our party on the 29th.
30. Beat 5 PC games on hardest difficulty settings - Almost halfway through Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (two Orc campaign missions left) - full review to follow.
33. Watch 50 new movies at home - We watched Say Anything (lame!), Rudy (pretty good) and Road to Perdition (very cool). Total 17.
34. Read every book on my 'to read' bookshelf - Finished "The Songs of Distant Earth". Still need to review. (Total 3/20).
37. Review 100 products on amazon.com - My review of The Alchemist went up. 14 total.
48. Maintain a new open-source project from startup to version 1.0 - Work continues on Stratlas. Warcraft I maps are loading.
60. Get rid of that damn dirt mound in the back - Started on this but only dug about 1/5 of it away. Next time I'll wear gloves and avoid blisters.
70. Find a way to practice Spanish language - Now subscribed to Google News in Spanish...
71. Volunteer - Had my first rehearsal with CSO this past Monday. It went well.
82. Try out at least 10 new recipes - We tried a new one: rice, shrimp and vegetables. Unfortunately the seasoning was all wrong. Next time it will be soy sauce all the way.
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - Marriage continues happily
94. Be a good father - as does fatherhood
95. Become more honest - doing this
96. Focus more time on self-awareness and introspection - see posts
98. Read the Bible - Still in Genesis but marginally farther. I hope to make a lot more progress on this now that my Clarke book is finished.
101. Live to be 27 - still here

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