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Goals Progress - Week 6 - this page intentionally left blank

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March 18th, 2008

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04:14 pm - Goals Progress - Week 6
You know the drill.

3. Eat a fruit every day for a month - I started eating oranges when we ran out of juice. I'm at 25 days now.
4. Give up soda (and find replacement beverages) - Still soda free!
5. Bike to work, weather and health permitting, as often as possible during Daylight Saving Time - I have done this only a few times in the past week. Weather and errands have prevented me from biking.
13. Buy a new computer - This is complete! My hard drive arrived and I'm now just two generations behind the times instead of three. A USB keyboard would be nice now, but the computer is up and dual-booting.
22. Go on a 'date' with Kassi at least once a month - Going out tonight, actually
23. Invite new people to get-togethers, parties, and game nights - Party on March 29th!
29. Crochet the world's ugliest blanket - Lots of progress on this one...
33. Watch 50 new movies at home - Watched three more in the past week: Annie Hall, The King of Kong, and After Innocence. King of Kong was AWESOME. Also, we're enjoying the Netflix 'watch instantly' tool. (12 total)
34. Read every book on my 'to read' bookshelf, including at least one Stephen King novel (or discard those I'm not interested in after 50 pages or so) - Read "American Gods" last night and gave it back to my co-worker. It was good - still need to review it.
43. Finish the arcade cabinet - Working on scaring up a new PC to go in it.
56. Rearrange furniture to create more space, especially around the computer area - This is complete! We bought a new desk, moved mine around, and managed to make some space in the back room. Now we can put out the DDR pad.
57. Baby-proof the house - Started work on this, but we need outlet plugs
93. Maintain a happy, stable marriage - Marriage continues
94. Be a good father - as does fatherhood
95. Become more honest - doing this
96. Focus more time on self-awareness and introspection - see posts
101. Live to be 27 - still here

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Date:March 19th, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)


Proud of You!!

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